Payroll Processing, Direct Deposit, And More

As a small business, it’s nice to have flexibility when it comes to working with vendors, service providers, and other business partners. As small business accounting and payroll specialists who have been serving business owners for years, and as a small business ourselves, we focus on providing options, flexibility, and choices for our clients. 

When you come to AMG Accounting for payroll help, you can let us know what you need instead of the other way around!

It Pays To Outsource Payroll

The payroll process used in your business is meant to provide employees with security and compensation for their work, provide documentation of state and federal employment law compliance, and protect your business from legal actions from employees and employee advocacy groups. It is so much more than just cutting checks. That’s why it pays to have a professional payroll partner. AMG Accountants know the laws and regulations, and we have the tools and skills to make sure your team gets paid accurately and on time.

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