Life is a bit more exciting with mystery, but not when it comes to your finances. Learn exactly where your company stands by partnering with AMG Accounting. 

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Cash-Based Bookkeeping

We methodically trace where money flows throughout your business. At the end of your chosen term, whether that’s a month or a quarter, we take a look to see how the cash flow looks for your company. For small business owners, cash flow is critical. We make sure you know whether you’re turning a profit or facing loss.

Accrual-Based Accounting

The accrual accounting method is a great way to see the long-term potential and overview of your company. We track how you earn and spend in a certain time frame, allowing you to see the natural ebb and flow of your fiscal year. No matter how your business grows, your accounting method would not need to change.

Financial Statement Preparation

Whether you need to send the financial information about your business to lenders, creditors, or investors, we’ve got your back. We’ll compile all your financial statements into a standardized set to make everything accessible and clear to those who need to see them.

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Bookkeeping And Accounting Help So You Can Run Your Business

As a small business owner or growing entrepreneur, you already wear a lot of different hats within your organization. When you first start your business, it’s necessary, and many of us feel quite rewarded and fulfilled by the fruits of our effort. But as you grow, you have to change, and your most important job will always be driving and guiding the company towards greater success as its owner.

When the time comes to give away the role of small business accountant for the sake of time and energy, AMG Accounting is here to provide the bookkeeping and accounting services you need to not only manage your day-to-day business operations, but to provide the accurate and organized financial reports you need to make smart decisions about the future.

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