It takes time and energy to create a business, and we know you have poured countless hours into making yours a success. Now that things are rolling, it’s time to consider the tiny details that make the whole operation run smoothly. From handling payroll to navigating the complexities surrounding tax laws, we want you to feel absolutely certain you’re doing things the right way. That’s why we created AMG Accounting.

Your Friends in Finance

Amanda Govaere, our founder, has been proudly serving as a financial advisor and accountant for nearly a decade. From handling cash-based bookkeeping to taking the proverbial magnifying glass to financial statements, she and the rest of our team kick things off the right way to ensure your business won’t come across any roadblocks in the future. We’re here to help you feel more confident and financially prepared for whatever pops up along the way.

Your Money, Your Schedule

AMG Accounting is a small firm, but we do great things for our clients. How do we do it? It’s all about our client-focused services. We develop our packages around what our clients need rather than a pre-chosen list of “should-haves.” Our hours are flexible, allowing you to let us know when you’ll need to be able to contact us. Basically, our business was created to match your requirements first.

Experience the difference for yourself by reaching out to the AMG Accounting team today. Contact our team!